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Whole House Surge Protector

“The Best Whole House Surge Protection for your Home!”

Our products are American Designed and Engineered to protect your home or business from harmful power surges & brownouts. With our whole house surge protector, you are protected for life.

Our unique patented design allows this product to keep shielding your home’s appliances & electronics from surges again and again. This device has been tested to withstand up to 100,000 amps. This surge protector is the best on the market and will take thousands of hits without needing replacement, all while keeping your home and electronics safe!

Protect your home or business for LIFE! If you move, just take it with you and protect your new home from surges. Simply install in your breaker panel and the whole house surge protector arms itself and is ready to shield your home or business for decades to come. Buy it Now & Start protecting your home or business today! Simply click the button

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Top Whole House Surge Protection on the Market

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Never Come Home to Dead Electronics
or Appliances Again!

Protect your home up to 100,000 amps for life.
With our patented technology, our surge protection equipment is like a gift that keeps on giving.
Never come home to a house full of dead electronics or appliances again!
With our Lifetime Whole House Surge Protection Equipment, if you ever move, simply take your equipment with you.
Buy your today and shield your home from unwanted, harmful power surges and brownouts.


We have residential and commercial units available, all proudly MADE IN THE USA. All of our models are UL and CuL listed for your safety! Get yours today!


Every Property in America currently suffers from power surges brownouts. Read More Information about our Product Specifications Here…